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The distinction between our geopolitical and digital identities has become virtually non-existent, with many of our most pressing global challenges and individual interactions occurring beyond the bounds of domestic policy. This is further complicated by the emergence of a decentralized “splinter platform” ecosystem through which issues such as disinformation about COVID-19, environmental impact of digital technologies and governance of a decentralized digital ecosystem are amplified. These changing parameters illuminate several issues surrounding our conceptions of citizenship, environmental impact and accountability in the digital age. 

The International Digital Policy Initiative considers the role of digital policy in the age of global interdependence. We publish innovative independent research and collaborate with our multi-stakeholder network to identify best practices and encourage digital policy coherence and interoperability. Our aim is to assist policymakers and stakeholders to understand and embrace emerging technologies while mitigating the potential risks. 

With established global connections, the International Digital Policy Initiative is uniquely placed to assist governments and multi-national stakeholders in developing innovative digital policy approaches, needed in today's world of global digital and data communication. 

We contribute to international digital policy by: 

  • Undertaking research, including global surveys, case studies, and in-depth analysis 

  • Convening and contributing to events 

  • Creating and cultivating partnerships and collaborations with our global multi-stakeholder network, and 

  • Encouraging capacity development by sharing accessible and accurate information with our broader community. 

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